Symfunny Toons™ by Leslie Stifelman

Symfunny Toons produces award-winning children’s programming about music. From composition to performance, we bring together a group of musical kids from all parts of the globe to create a piece of music- illustrating the power music has to unite people in a single voice.

symfunny toons adventures

Is an animated television series that is the home for an unforgettable orchestra of musical instrument characters.

Imagine Fantasia starring Bart Simpson or an episode of Leonard Bernstein meets Ren and Stimpy.

Each episode is an action-packed mystery, musical-comedy extravaganza, that combines musical lessons with a hip-hop twist.

The pilot episode, SOUR NOTE, asks the musical question - who played the sour note? The Timpani Brothers, a trio of drums turned cool-cat rent-a-cops, get on the case and corral the instruments into a police lineup where each suspect invents an absurd musical alibi.

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